#WCW: The Spreadsheet

Today I finally came across “the spreadsheet”, you know the one – FCK YOUR BOYS CLUB.
The spreadsheet is a genius creation by Carly Comando of Slingshot Dakota, which lists bands FRONTED by non cis-men. The spreadsheet to my knowledge was created to spread awareness of talented bands that aren’t just cis-men, since this industry is such a “boys club”. Though I think this list has a lot of room for growth, I think it is quiet an amazing and powerful start.

It is our job as music listeners, music lovers, music industry people, people with Spotify accounts, people who listen to the radio, etc. to educate ourselves on music that might not be pushed in our faces. We need to create a demand for more femme bands play in a city near us. Without a want, there is no need. So open your mind, stop being so ignorant, listen to at least ten bands on this list and if you have the ability book a band with femmes because #fuckyourboysclub – it should be #ourclub.


It is #WCW which means I am bringing light to women/bands in music who I think are badass af.

 Bleached // Photo By Jesse Fox

Bleached // Photo By Jesse Fox

Bleached — If you’re familiar with these gals it is fairly obvious why I listed them first. They are the epitome of badass females; Singer/guitarist, Jennifer Clavin, her sister, guitarist/bassist Jessica and bassist Micayla Grace released their newest album Welcome the Worms, in April of this past year which stays true to their 60s/70s femme and fuzzy sound with tons of precious melodies. They’re basically the band I feel any girl wishes she was in, or maybe I am just speaking for myself.

Jesse Fox – She is a Cincinnati based photographer. But not only is she an incredibly talented music photographer, but she is also a great portrait photographer as well as a totally badass front woman of the band The Slippery Lips. She is what they call a #GIRLBOSS. In January Jesse is heading out with a team from White Whale tattoo to Guatemala to document their work covering up gang tattoos of former members. She will be documenting individuals in La Limonada doing humanitarian work with the schools and community. So buy some of her prints or offer to make a donation and help fund this this girl and her project, while helping other people in the process. 


    I get shit all the time, “Kelsey that album came out 3 years ago” “That band doesn’t even exist anymore” “When was this even cool?” “But they have newer music….” — matter of the fact is I really don’t give a shit, these bands, albums, sounds, etc are all things that brought us to where we are in the sound of “indie” or “alternative” music today. People forget about certain music because it’s not “cool” anymore. You can’t go see it live? Oh big deal?!?!?! You can still listen to it.

 Me not caring... 

Me not caring... 

Albums that I have been told aren’t relevant that I have been pushing on everyone recently:

Suckers - Wild Smile (2010)
It’s a feel good album, super dancey, full of highs and lows. Though these guys aren’t a band anymore they did rise from the band graveyard and play a show at Glasslands in 2014 right before they were shut down (RIP). 

(together) PANGEA - Living Dummy (2011)
Yes they do have newer and more “popular” albums out like The Phage and Badillac, but this one is still pretty relevant sound wise if you ask me — Plus it has “Too Drunk to Come” on it and that song will never not be relevant.

Black Eyes - Self Titled (2003)
This post hardcore band was kooky, two bassists, two drummers, two vocalists and one guitar, need a I say more as to why you should listen? They have this punk influenced dizzy, chaotic sound — plus they were on Dischord which is pretty dope. Unfortunately they broke up at the height of their popularity before their second album Cough came out.

Hornet Leg - Ribbon of Fear (2009)
So this album came out 7 years ago, they haven’t made any new music that I have been able to find since then. Apparently this band is still a band though and they play shows occasionally around PDX. This album is just such a classic garage rock sound, such an easy listen and I highly recommend it for long drives or sitting in front of a computer all day.

Balue - Quiet Dreams (2014)
Granted 2014 wasn’t that long ago, I’ve been told this is irrelevant, so there it’s going on my list. Balue’s sound its pretty dreamy/sexy and chill. This is one of those albums I put on in my car when I don’t want to go to work and feel a little better. Apparently Balue put out another album in March, but you can only find it on Bandcamp.

Hunx & His Punx - Too Young To Be In Love (2011)
Grease meets gay meets garage music, I'm sure you remember the album, if not put on Lovers Lane and you'll remember; it is still a really solid album. 

The Orwells Are Back

      After not hearing or seeing anything new from, Chicago boys, The Orwells since Disgraceland's release in 2014 I had personally assumed they were done making new music. But today I was proven wrong, The Orwells announced a new tour, as well as released a new 86 second long song entitled “Buddy”, which is actually pretty great. Super excited to see these guys live and hear what else they have in store.

See Them Live:
11/01 DC9 - Washington, DC
11/02 Baby's All Right - Brooklyn, NY
11/04 Underground Arts - Philadelphia, PA
11/05 Middle East Upstairs - Boston, MA
11/15 The Crocodile - Seattle, WA
11/16 Star Theatre - Portland, OR
11/18 Bottom Of The Hill - San Francisco, CA
11/19 Velvet Jones - Santa Barbara. CA
11/20 Resident - Los Angeles, CA
11/21 The Smell - Los Angeles, CA
11/29 The Wardrobe - Leeds, UK
11/30 The Dome - London, UK


 it'll be a good time

it'll be a good time

Bad Boys of Southern Rock

   Nashville based Natural Child released their newest LP, Okey Dokey, just one week ago — Which they released on their own label, Natural Child Records and Tapes. Though it has been a solid two years of waiting for new music, this album has been totally worth the wait. 

    The album is packed with amazingly twisted tunes — songs you can relate to, ones you can laugh at and ones you can cry to. The album is full of juxtaposition, in just ten songs Okey Dokey, goes from “Sure is Nice” to “It’s a Shame”. With Okey Dokey, Natural Child says, "Come on in – give us your tired, your weak, your poor; give us your rockers and rollers and grimy punks and suburban cowboys. Get down how you wanna get down". Which is why I think this is the perfect album to bring on fall.

Tracks to check out:

  • Sure Is Nice
  • Transcendental Meditation
  • Self Centered Blues
  • NSA Blues

See Them Live:
09/24 Paper Tiger — San Antonio, TX
09/26 Valley Bar — Phoenix, AZ
09/27 The Echo — Los Angeles, CA
09/28 Crepe Place — Santa Cruz, CA
09/29 Chapel — San Francisco, CA
09/30 Loving Cup — Reno, NV
10/01 Crazy Horse — Nevada City, NV
10/03 Mississippi Studios — Portland, OR
10/04 Tractor Tavern —Seattle, WA
10/06 Surfside7 — Ft. Collins, CO
10/07 Lost Lake Lounge — Denver, CO  
10/08 Lost Lake Lounge — Denver, CO
10/20 Georgia Theatre — Athens, GA
10/21 The Earl — Atlanta, GA
10/22 Mothlight — Asheville, NC
11/02 Zanzabar — Louisville, KY
11/03 State Street Pub — Indianapolis, IN
11/04 Empty Bottle — Chicago, IL
11/05 El Club —Detroit, MI
11/07Middle East Upstairs — Boston, MA
11/09 Aurora — Providence, RI
11/10 Market Hotel — Brooklyn, NY
11/11 Monty Hall — Jersey City, NJ
11/12 Everybody Hits — Philadelphia, PA
11/13 Strange Matter —Richmond, VA
11/14 Golden Pony —Harrisonburg, VA
11/16 Garage — Winston-Salem, NC
11/17 Pinhook — Durham, NC
11/18 Heist Brewery — Charlotte, NC
11/19 Pilot Light — Knoxville, TN 


I oddly came across both Montclair, NJ based bands Pinegrove and Forth Wanderers in a similar fashion, riding solo mildly intoxicated at some venue on a Tuesday night; There to see some other band they were playing with, but left thinking I need to go home and listen to this again. And I did listen to them again, and again and again.

When I first heard Pinegrove I was at Shea Stadium, they were headling a show with Vundabar, and I remember texting my roommate at the time “holy fuck listen to this band rn”. Vocalist Evan Stephens Hall literally blew me away, his twangy vocals mixed with the bands warm sound -- it just gave me this sort of comforting melancholy vibe. Upon my second listen I was hooked, thought provoking lyrics, build ups that feel like a big hug and hooks to keep you singing for days.

Songs You Should Check Out

  • Angelina 
  • On Jet Lag 
  • Problems
  • Old Friends
  • Need

Along with this Video:

Video by Emily Dubin

I only recently came across Forth Wanderers in June, they were opening for LVL UP at a sold out show at Baby’s All Right. First thought, “they look young”, as I reverted towards the back of the venue. Shortly after they began to play I found myself gravitating towards the front. Ava Trilling has one of the most calming vocals I have ever heard, mixed with the rest of the bands wavy of melodies — I found myself texting my friends “GUYS LISTEN TO THIS BAND”. Upon my second listen I was enamored with their sound, the lyrics are perfectly written, raw, strong and extremely emotive. If I am being honest I haven’t stopped listening to them on loop since June.

Songs You Should Check out:

  • Selfish
  • Painting Of Blue
  • Slop (Now on Spotify/iTunes)
  • Blondes Have More Fun
  • Come Clean

Along With This Video :

See Them in NYC:
09/24 Market Hotel — BROOKLYN, NY

TLDR; I am a sucker for some really great lyrics and Ava and Evan slay


The end of 2016 is upon us and these are some tours you probably shouldn’t miss.

Starting in December, the Chicago based Twin Peaks and Los Angeles based Together Pangea are teaming up for what I will proudly call the “tour I have been waiting for.” Though the tour only has 10 dates, it is one I would highly suggest you travel for.

12/01 El Club — Detroit, MI
12/02 Grog Shop — Cleveland, OH
12/03 Lee’s Place — Toronto, CA
12/07 The Sinclair — Cambridge, MA
12/08 Union Transfer — Philadelphia, PA
12/09 Webster Hall — New York, NY
12/13 Aisle 5 — Atlanta, GA
12/14 Exit/In — Nashville, TN
12/16 Thalia Hall — Chicago, IL12/17 Metro — Chicago, IL
12/17 Metro — Chicago, IL

In mid October PWR BTTM kicks off there tour with Lisa Prank in Brooklyn, NY at Baby’s All Right (which is already SOLD OUT). Haven’t seen PWR BTTM live yet? Well trust me you are missing out and obviously this should be something you should do before 2016 is over. Between all the glitter, the witty/gritty lyrics and continuous banter, you’ll leave telling your friends they missed out — I mean thats what I do anyways. Plus they just signed to Polyvinyl Records so that is dope.

10/20 Babys All Right — Brooklyn, NY
10/21 Market Hotel — Brooklyn, NY
10/22 3S Artspace — Portsmouth, NH
10/24 Silver Dollar Room — Toronto, ON
10/25 Mahall’s — Lakewood, OH
10/27 7th Street Entry — Minneapolis, MN
10/28 Milk Run — Omaha, NE
10/30 Lost Lake Lounge — Denver, CO
11/01 Kilby Court — Salt Lake City, UT
11/02 Neurolux — Boise, ID
11/03 Billsville West — Walla Walla, WA
11/04 333 — Vancouver, BC
11/05 The Vera Project — Seattle, WA
11/06 Mississippi Studios — Portland, OR
11/07 The Boreal — Eugene, OR
11/09 Rickshaw Stop — San Francisco, CA
11/11 Bootleg Theater — Los Angeles, CA
11/12 The Rebel Lounge — Phoenix, AZ
11/14 Mohawk — Austin, TX
11/15 Club Dada — Dallas TX
11/16 Big Sleepy’s — Jackson, MS
11/17 The End — Nashville, TN
11/18 The Masquerade - Purgatory Stage — Atlanta, GA
11/20 The Pinhook — Durham, NC
11/21 Rock & Roll Hotel — Washington, DC
11/22 PhilaMOCA — Philadelphia, PA
11/23 Oncer Somerville — Somerville, MA

As far as “big venue” tours go, where you force me to possibly sit in a seat you can usually count me out, but this is one I wouldn’t want to miss because the line up is pretty insane. Brand New, Modern Baseball and The Front Bottoms, need I say more? 

10/13 Main Street Armory — Rochester, NY
10/14 Glen Falls Civic Center — Glenn Falls, NY
10/15 Cross Insurance Arena — Portland, ME
10/17 Oakdale Theatre — Wallingford, CT
10/18 Ithaca College Events Center — Ithaca, NY
10/19 Holstein Center — Cleveland, OH
10/21 Delta Plex — Grand City, ID
10/22 Eagels Ballroom — Milwaukee, WI
10/23 Roy Wilkin Auditorium — Saint Paul, MN
10/25 The District — Sioux Falls, SD
10/27 Adams Center — Missula, MT
10/28 Revolution Event Center — Garden City, ID
10/29 Grand Sierra Resort — Reno, NV
10/31 Event Center at San Jose State University — San Jose, CA
11/01 Chelsea Theatre — Las Vegas, NV
11/03 El Paso County Coliseum — El Paso, TX
11/05 Concrete Street. — Corpus Christi, TX
11/07 Alabama Theatre — Birmingham, AL
11/08 Bon Secours Arena —Greenvile SC
11/10 Eagel Bank Arena — Fairfax, VA
11/11 PPL Center — Allentown, PA
11/12 Bryce Jordan Center — University Park, PA

In late October the California boys — FIDLAR, SWMRS and The Frights team up for nearly a month long tour. If you like cheap beer, Miley Cyrus and hate your mom and dad, this is probably the tour for you.

10/28 The Observatory North Park – San Diego, CA
10/29 Hollywood Palladium – Los Angeles, CA
10/30 The Crescent Ballroom – Phoenix, AZ
10/31 Rialto Theatre – Tucson, AZ
11/03 Trees – Dallas, TX
11/07 The Masquerade, Heaven Stage – Atlanta, GA
11/08 Mercy Lounge – Nashville, TN
11/10 The Howard Theatre – Washington, DC
11/11 Terminal 5 – New York, NY
11/12 Union Transfer – Philadelphia, PA
11/14 Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA
11/16 Madison Theatre — Covington, KY *no SWMRS
11/17 Metro - Chicago, IL
11/18 The Rave II – Milwaukee, WI
11/19 Varsity Theater - Minneapolis, MN
11/22 Gothic Theatre – Englewood, CO

And last but not least White Fang and No Parents are touring starting early October. This will be a truly memorable show, or dare I say not so memorable, praying for you and your liver during this time, but regardless it is going to be so fun.

10/05 Catalyst Atrium — Santa Cruz, CA
10/06 Bottom Of The Hill — San Francisco, CA
10/08 Doug Fir Lounge — Portland,OR
10/09 The Cobalt — Vancouver, BC
10/10 Vera Project — Seattlle, WA
10/12 Kilby Court — Salt Lake City, UT
10/13 Marquis — Denver, CO
10/14 Record Bar — Kansas City, KA
10/15 Turf Club — St. Paul, MN
10/16 Empty Bottle — Chicago, IL
10/17 Majestic Cafe — Detroit, MI
10/18 The Basement — Columbus, OH
10/19 Club Cafe — Pittsburgh, PA
10/20 Mohawke Place — Buffalo, NY
10/21 Silver Dollar — Toronto, ON
10/22 Brasserie Beaubien — Montreal, QC
10/25 Great Scott — Boston, MA
10/26 Boot & Saddle - Philadelphia, PA
10/27 DC9 - Washington, DC
10/28 Stange Matter — Richmond, VA
10/30 Baby’s All Right — Brooklyn, NY
10/31 Baby’s All Right — Brooklyn, NY
11/04 White Oak Music Hall — Houston, TX
11/05 Dada — Dallas, TX
11/06 Lowbrow Palace — El Paso, TX
11/07 Valley Bar — Phoenix,AZ
11/11 The Echo — Los Angeles, CA