I get shit all the time, “Kelsey that album came out 3 years ago” “That band doesn’t even exist anymore” “When was this even cool?” “But they have newer music….” — matter of the fact is I really don’t give a shit, these bands, albums, sounds, etc are all things that brought us to where we are in the sound of “indie” or “alternative” music today. People forget about certain music because it’s not “cool” anymore. You can’t go see it live? Oh big deal?!?!?! You can still listen to it.

 Me not caring... 

Me not caring... 

Albums that I have been told aren’t relevant that I have been pushing on everyone recently:

Suckers - Wild Smile (2010)
It’s a feel good album, super dancey, full of highs and lows. Though these guys aren’t a band anymore they did rise from the band graveyard and play a show at Glasslands in 2014 right before they were shut down (RIP). 

(together) PANGEA - Living Dummy (2011)
Yes they do have newer and more “popular” albums out like The Phage and Badillac, but this one is still pretty relevant sound wise if you ask me — Plus it has “Too Drunk to Come” on it and that song will never not be relevant.

Black Eyes - Self Titled (2003)
This post hardcore band was kooky, two bassists, two drummers, two vocalists and one guitar, need a I say more as to why you should listen? They have this punk influenced dizzy, chaotic sound — plus they were on Dischord which is pretty dope. Unfortunately they broke up at the height of their popularity before their second album Cough came out.

Hornet Leg - Ribbon of Fear (2009)
So this album came out 7 years ago, they haven’t made any new music that I have been able to find since then. Apparently this band is still a band though and they play shows occasionally around PDX. This album is just such a classic garage rock sound, such an easy listen and I highly recommend it for long drives or sitting in front of a computer all day.

Balue - Quiet Dreams (2014)
Granted 2014 wasn’t that long ago, I’ve been told this is irrelevant, so there it’s going on my list. Balue’s sound its pretty dreamy/sexy and chill. This is one of those albums I put on in my car when I don’t want to go to work and feel a little better. Apparently Balue put out another album in March, but you can only find it on Bandcamp.

Hunx & His Punx - Too Young To Be In Love (2011)
Grease meets gay meets garage music, I'm sure you remember the album, if not put on Lovers Lane and you'll remember; it is still a really solid album.