I oddly came across both Montclair, NJ based bands Pinegrove and Forth Wanderers in a similar fashion, riding solo mildly intoxicated at some venue on a Tuesday night; There to see some other band they were playing with, but left thinking I need to go home and listen to this again. And I did listen to them again, and again and again.

When I first heard Pinegrove I was at Shea Stadium, they were headling a show with Vundabar, and I remember texting my roommate at the time “holy fuck listen to this band rn”. Vocalist Evan Stephens Hall literally blew me away, his twangy vocals mixed with the bands warm sound -- it just gave me this sort of comforting melancholy vibe. Upon my second listen I was hooked, thought provoking lyrics, build ups that feel like a big hug and hooks to keep you singing for days.

Songs You Should Check Out

  • Angelina 
  • On Jet Lag 
  • Problems
  • Old Friends
  • Need

Along with this Video:

Video by Emily Dubin

I only recently came across Forth Wanderers in June, they were opening for LVL UP at a sold out show at Baby’s All Right. First thought, “they look young”, as I reverted towards the back of the venue. Shortly after they began to play I found myself gravitating towards the front. Ava Trilling has one of the most calming vocals I have ever heard, mixed with the rest of the bands wavy of melodies — I found myself texting my friends “GUYS LISTEN TO THIS BAND”. Upon my second listen I was enamored with their sound, the lyrics are perfectly written, raw, strong and extremely emotive. If I am being honest I haven’t stopped listening to them on loop since June.

Songs You Should Check out:

  • Selfish
  • Painting Of Blue
  • Slop (Now on Spotify/iTunes)
  • Blondes Have More Fun
  • Come Clean

Along With This Video :

See Them in NYC:
09/24 Market Hotel — BROOKLYN, NY

TLDR; I am a sucker for some really great lyrics and Ava and Evan slay