#WCW: The Spreadsheet

Today I finally came across “the spreadsheet”, you know the one – FCK YOUR BOYS CLUB.
The spreadsheet is a genius creation by Carly Comando of Slingshot Dakota, which lists bands FRONTED by non cis-men. The spreadsheet to my knowledge was created to spread awareness of talented bands that aren’t just cis-men, since this industry is such a “boys club”. Though I think this list has a lot of room for growth, I think it is quiet an amazing and powerful start.

It is our job as music listeners, music lovers, music industry people, people with Spotify accounts, people who listen to the radio, etc. to educate ourselves on music that might not be pushed in our faces. We need to create a demand for more femme bands play in a city near us. Without a want, there is no need. So open your mind, stop being so ignorant, listen to at least ten bands on this list and if you have the ability book a band with femmes because #fuckyourboysclub – it should be #ourclub.